Auto-Replenish Program Service

We carry all top selling categories including travel toiletries, medicines, candy, snacks, beverages, microwavable meals, and frozen foods.


Program Benefits

  • Easy to use with no need to compile orders
  • Complimentary inventory control (track staff sales postings, orders, etc)
  • One supplier on one monthly bill
  • Guaranteed profit on all items
  • Free shipping on ALL items
  • Dry goods can be received as early as the next business day
  • You are never charged for items that become outdated/expired
  • Discounts available on fixtures


The JNC Market Management System has been developed in house as the perfect tool to manage and organize any Market. The system is quick, powerful, easy to use and best of all, complimentary. Seamless integration with Just ‘N’ Case’s industry leading product replenishment program results in the complete solution for your Market.

Our inventory control system is a separate cloud-based website that is not connected to your current POS, removing the liability of any security breaches.

“Point-of-sale systems, in particular, as well as third-party providers, represent key points of entry where guest data can be vulnerable. Hackers can also exploit a hotel’s WiFi network as a means of targeting business travelers.”  – Hotel Interactive Inc., 2019

With the product auto-replenishment program, you have complimentary access to our inventory control system where you can post sales, balance inventory, and track shipments.


Key Features Included

  • Balancing of inventory
  • Flexible sales posting options including barcode technology
  • Compatible with all electronic devices
  • Custom reporting

Self Checkout

Save your guest and staff time by allowing guests to scan, pay, and go. We have integrated with Square payment systems to offer your guests the most payment options without the need to download any apps. Accept all major credit cards including Google Pay & Apple Pay.

Integrated with the JNC portal for real-time inventory management and auto-replenishment

Key Features Included

  • No set up or monthly fees
  • Easy to implement
  • Quick and easy check out process for guests
  • Accept all major credit cards and cash apps


We will work with your brand standards or customize to suit your space and budget. We carefully manufacture high quality case goods and provide an endless list of add-ons to meet any budget.
All Shops arrive fully assembled right to your door.